Unique Business Registration Plates also known for short as UBR Plates, is a UK independent business registration plates provider. Each license plate we sell comes with doucmentation and a company guarantee to prove its legitimacy.

UBR Plates has been selling license plates since 1982 which shows how much experience we really have.

Many of the plates we have sold over the years have gone on to double and in some cases even triple their vale within a matter of weeks of being purchased.

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Rod established UBR Plates in 1982 and has been selling plates ever since then.

Rod discovered number plates after buying a copy of the Sunday Times at the young age of 17 which in that edition had several pictures of cars and houses which was Rod's passion at the time.

In his job as an apprentice engineer, one of his colleagues was selling a motorbike with a premium 1 number and 3 letter registration plate. He wanted £120 for it which at the time was a months wage back then. Rod bought the motorbike with the registration plate and the very next day placed an advert in the Sunday Times, the only place advertising number plates at the time. The number plate ending up selling on the same day for the equivalent of £40,000 today.

Rod always goes by the saying there is only one true owner of a license plate and that's why each license plates value will continue to rise each year it's on the road.

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